The nature of reality, or perhaps the nature of this world.

Reality for one person can and is sometimes very different from that of another. Some people are naturally more grounded in this world and others in a world of their own. For me I am from this world, and as a Witch my magic also comes from this world, as well as my deities, my spirit guides, and the energy that is magic comes from this world. This is not to say that this world is only made up of everything that you physically see hear touch smell and taste, because I also believe that this world has strong spiritual and energetic components, the otherworld if you will.   This is why there are seven directions when casting a circle between the worlds. You are casting your circle between the physical world and the spiritual energetic worlds, which are all a part of this world.

Recently I started doing some aura cleaning, and interesting exercise from C Penczak’s Living temple book. One of the things that you look for when you are in your deep trance is cords that are connected to you. Some of these cords are unhealthy they are connections that you have with people and places that are no longer necessary and are not healthy for you to have. For me the unhealthy cords were connected with a person. These cords were in many ways created by me as I had a very close friendship with this person, which turned sour in a very nasty way a few years back. And to be totally honest I still feel anger about it all. This anger, hurt, and frustration caused there to be cords. However these cords are not all one sided although many of them are.

The problem I had the other night as I was extracting these cords was in essences the nature of reality. My reality did not match the reality of the person at the other end of the cords. And it was my reality that was called into question several years ago when the friendship turned sour.  It was me that was sat on that picnic table as the sun rose trying to decided if what I felt was real. It was me who was screaming so loudly in my head that it all faded to white noise. That was me, my feelings, my understanding of this world which was being called into question. That screaming and white noise lasted quite some time, and now I understand that I had actually shoved it under the mat, so to speak, as it was all too much to deal with, to frightening to think about, to close to the abyss that is insanity.

Today I spoke with a very wise friend of mine about how I was feeling and if these cords that felt like they were hooked in and the new ones that kept reappearing as I pulled others out were me or that other person? Or was I just making shit up?

This was brought up because of the screaming white noise that was once again sounding in my head. That noise was the prelim, if you will, to that abyss, to that disconnection from this world.

Often as witches and magical workers we are faced with this abyss, this abyss of disconnect, this abyss of the unreal. By our very nature we work a lot inside our heads and with energy that cannot yet be measured by science, can not be seen or felt and in many cases is considered to not be real. It takes a strong leap of faith to believe that yes magic is real and we can affect the energy of this world. What we risqué is that we take that faith too far and the reality of this world becomes lost amongst  astral wars, goblins, three headed dogs, and magicians from far away planets in a different dimension.

The abyss of the disconnect became a serious risqué for me on that picnic table and I have fought long and hard to realise the reality of this world, this one I am standing on, the one I live in. I have come to realise that this world is a very magical place, and while there are not astral wars, goblins and magicians from far away planets, there is mystery here, there is magic here and there is wonder right here.

So over the next little while I will be dong aura cleaning a few more times to heal this hurt, to remove these cords that are no longer necessary or healthy for me to have. Like the friendship that became unhealthy and is thus no longer, I will extract these cords with love from this world, energy from this world and magic from this world.

This world is where its at.


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