Crafting, burning, creating, sewing and cups of tea

This weekend, I plan on creating some incense recipes, some non-combustible incenses, as well as sewing up some tarot cloths, altar cloths and little muslin bags for the bath salts I will also be creating. it is going to be a weekend of crafting and drinking tea.

You see I have this plan, here in Wellington there is a possibility of night markets opening up next spring which will be some six months away, and I plan on having a stall at these markets to sell witch’s crafts. Urban Witchery is the name these crafts will be going by, because not only do I want to make various magical products I also have an urge to explore this concept of Urban Witchery. Urban Witchery in a similar sense of Hedgewitching & Hedgecrossing, however I am an urban Witch who lives in a large, by New Zealand standards, city the capital in fact.

So to start the ball rolling, so to speak I am going to be spending the weekend creating incense mixes, herbal bath salts, bath bombs, (I’m a huge bath fan) and bath milk powder. As well as sewing up a storm of altar cloths, tarot wraps, rune bags and the like. Of course hopefully by the end of the weekend there will be pictures of what I have created. Sounds like fun yeah?



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