Magic on Cuba

One man with a guitar, a violin and a loop pedal gadget played a concert in Cuba Mall Wellington today, which is Thursday.  It was like magic, maybe it was magic.  It was magic as he wove the base beat into his loop pedal gadget creating a repeating pattern of tunes like the casting of a circle, calling in the energy of the city to come and join him in his creative endeavour.  On top of this he wove further magic with his electric violin playing a happy folk style jig which invited the city fey to come and gather with the city folk to create an atmosphere of happiness and generosity at his playing.

The energy around where he was playing, creating and casting his magic was palatable with the intent of imparting the gift of music, the gift of happiness on this somewhat gloomy autumn day in Wellington.   And when he had finished playing, this magic dissipated slowing, leaving people reluctant to leave and wonder on.  I wonder if he knew what magic he was weaving.

It turns out that this magical man’s name was Graeme James Crehan and you can experience some of this magic here.  And he is Christian, which for me says that it does not matter what frame work you use, just so long as it sings to you, you can create magic. !


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