And a Hipster Pagan God was Born, . ..

So a few Days ago there was a Blog Post about Hipster Paganism written by Alison Lilly from Meadowsweet & Myrrh which you can read here.  Then a few Days later Sarah Lawless from ForestGrove posted “Your Know You’re a Hipster Pagan When“, pretty much the same day as the hashtag #Hipsterpagan was boxing about on twitter.. they were great!!  so obviously this was all on my mind this morning as I wondered up to my sewing tower and proceded to sew up the Hipster Horned Green God, Wall Hanging…. *coughs*.. yeah… so i am totally Blaming Alison and Sarah for this creating.. *nods*

The Hipster Horned Greenman God

wall hangings and Witches laders 021

And yes he is for sale.. I will be listing him on Esty later this evening, and will put a link here… oh the things I do.. *is only a little shamefaced*


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