Talking to Myself

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Today here in New Zealand it is Lughnasadh, the first of the harvest festivals, first fruits, and I attended a ritual and lunch at a couple of my magical friend’s house.  During the ritual a passage from a book was read out, and one thing struck me as quite profound.

If you talked to your friends the way that you talk to your self would they still want to be friends?  So often we are harsher on ourselves that we actually need to be.  This gave me pause, as currently I am going through a bit of a crisis of faith, if you will, trying to redefine my path, my magic and with it the direction that I am going in.  I mentioned to a friend the other day that the deeper you go down this path of spirituality, whatever flavour it is ,  the harder your crisis’s of faith are, because I am quite sure that everyone has these crisis’s of faiths…

So now I am wondering, what advice I would give myself.  If I I came up to myself and asked for advice, asked why be a witch? What does it all mean? Why is that important? and how do I find where I am going?

My first instinct would be to turn the questions around, why do you want to be a Witch? What does it mean to you? What would make it Important to you, and Where do you want to go.  Which would probably have me arguing with myself, cause those are very difficult questions to answer, but they are however questions that need answering.

So this evening of Lughnasadh I will be contemplating more about what I would tell myself.  Given that I know myself pretty well.. I am guessing a conversation would ensue which would consist of many cups of tea.  So this evening I am going to go on a journey, and have cups of tea with myself.

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7 thoughts on “Talking to Myself

  1. If you want to bounce thoughts with someone you know will be 100% straight up, and forthrigth honest with you… drop me a line and I’ll shout you lunch – you still owe me a cuppa from an invite re:Paganz….


      1. drop me a line on
        Self employed, 7 days/week, based in Manawatu/North Wairarapa. Give me a weeks notice so I can get someone to cover the essentials and I’ll make a trip down for the day.
        You’ll have to recommend a place though, cause it’s been a long time since I’ve been in Wellytown.
        Please delete this email after you’ve dropped me a line so the spambots don’t bury me!


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