Shadow, Deep and Community


Usually I try and find a story of sorts to begin these posts, but alas this time there isn’t one.  This idea, or revelation came to over the last couple of weeks and it is about the 3 types of magical work that I do, or that I perceive I do.


Shadow Work:

This is where magic is used to work on yourself, inner work if you will.  Work to understand, heal and grow in a psychological personal sense.  It is about working with the darker aspects, as well as the lighter aspects, of yourself that come into view as you live a magical life.  It has always been my belief that if you are not working on this as a part of your magical life, then are you really living a magical life?  But having said that, living a magical life is not and should not be entirely focused on the self, hens these two other type of work which are a part of my practice and magical life.

For example this year I have been making a concerted effort to write more because all through my schooling I was told I was lazy and stupid, and then when it was discovered that I was dyslexic, as an adult, I had to overcome the common understanding that dyslexic people while not stupid could not write.  Hence the magical blogging and writing on a fairly regular basis.


Deep Work:

This is not always overtly magical as so often reading and study is not seen as a magical act, but that I suspect depends on how your framework looks.  Deep work is about deepening your understanding through reading study and practice of your path, your magic and your connection with the Divine and the Spirit world.  As Kris Hughs from the Anglesee Druid Order said, it is when your eyes are Black with the magic of the ovate.  This can happen when you are deepening your understanding of the above be that reading, study, practice or ritual.

For example this year I learnt about trance-meditation, connected and unconnected magic, which I have then put into practice and now have a much strong connection with Spirit, the Divine and a clearer connection with a Spirit Teacher who I have been working with for years.  I also leaped into the abyss with gay abandon but that is not something will be sharing here.

Druid Camp 2011 1

Community Work:

This for me has a strong connection with Surrendering to service.  it is the service you provide, not just to you magical or pagan communities but also you wider community.  It is talking to the little old lady at the bus stop with an empty cat carrier and offering her an ear, and sympathy because she has just had her very old cat put to sleep.  It is about helping a new pagan discover what their path and spirituality is.  It can be about organising or talking part in a beach clean-up, or helping friends move house.

For me part of my community work is helping others find their magical and spiritual paths, and talking to people at bus stops..

Of course there is crossover.  Deep work can bring up Shadow work that needs to be done and Community work that could be an aspect of your Deep work as you find yourself offering your services in the name your God or Goddess.  You get the picture right?

So there you go, three types of magical work that are key to living a magical life, or at least how i am living my magical life!




3 thoughts on “Shadow, Deep and Community

  1. thanks for the reply.. *smiles*.. and questions are alwasy welcome.. how else do we learn.. *beams*

    so shadow work.. and why is it called that.. i think it is because so often we keep the less easy to deal with aspects of ourselves hidden, or in the shadows. it is difficult, well i find it difficult to let people see those things about myself that i feel weaken me in some way, for example not being able to complete my masters, because at the time i believed that i was unable to write. on the inside i felt ashamed and to some degree like i had failed so kept that bit hidden and told the outside world that because i was dyslexic i could not complete it..

    also sometimes Deep Work, and Community Work can bring up personal issues that have been hidden, which you can then make a focus of your Shadow Work, those apsects of yourself that you keep hiden. this is not to say that you must ‘get rid of’ or in some cases even fix, but more that the shadow and what it represents is something for you to work with, so that you understand them better, because you are a whole person, who is both light and shadow

    err.. make sense?

    *ponders this*


  2. I love your post, I notice with myself, I often neglect the fact that I can use my practice to aid in healing myself, most times I am doing everything for others and than when I am so drained because I neglect to do for me I ask myself how did that happen.
    Several years ago I did a letter writing campaign to the city to encourage and develop community gardens, I did this for about 5 years, I was so happy when the first garden was started and other gardens soon followed, I donated tools, seeds and sweat and today these gardens still thrive.
    The 3 types of “work” makes for a fuller person.


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