Its like falling in love all over again

I happened to tweet that I had been having thoughts about magic verses community with regards to Paganism which was favourited by Joseph from Candle Smoke Chapel and something that I may post on later as I am still pondering on this.  However I followed Joeph’s link on his twitter and a few clicks later I was on Candle Smokes etsy and experiencing the feeling of seeing old friends that I had sort of lost touch with, over the years, in the form of Medicine Cards

Medicine Cards

I was given my deck of Medicine Cards way back in 1994 which is nearly 19 years ago.  They were a gift that my then flatmate Juliette gave me for my birthday.  Not long after I attended classes on how to read them run by another friend of mind, Simone, whose tarot classes I had attended earlier on in the year.  I have to say that I didn’t mesh very well with tarot, and it would be another 15 years or so until I picked up another Tarot deck.

But the Medicine Cards I took to like fish to water.  I remember that by the 3rd or 4th class I was helping the other students to read their cards.

There was something about these animals, these medicine cards that spoke to me like the Tarot didn’t.  Even at first glance it was like meeting old friends.  You see these Medicine cards were not about ‘fortune’ telling instead they were about you, your personality, what and where you were now as opposed to how I was the tarot, which was about predicating someone’s future.  Who they would marry, money, success, etc etc.

The future, I have and do believe is something you created yourself by the choices and decisions you make in the present the here

I have only ever had one tart reader pick up on that.  She said to me, as I handed her the cards after I had shuffled them ‘ the cards say you don’t like your future ot be read’ at that was an excellent reading

What I learnt from my Medicine Cards as I read for myself and others was that there was a lot of misinterpretation and misunderstanding when it came to the purpose and use of divination cards.  Or more to the point I was misunderstanding the purpose of divination cards.  For me cards such as Medicine Cards and tarot cards were for understanding the here and now, and not about ‘telling ones fortune or future’

I don’t use the Medicine Cards so much now, as a several years ago I picked up the Wildwood tarot, which in a similar way to the medicine cards speak to me in ways that other tarot don’t  but perhaps it is time to work with  my Medicine Cards again?

Medicine Cards 007


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