Sewing for today

In lue of a post about trains, which is taking me longer to write than i first thought, have a picutre of two Wall Hangings that i created today.

I give you Tane Mahuta God of the Forest, and Mahuika Goddess of Fire, well my take on them.

Tane and Hine Wall Hangings 022

Tane i depicted as a horned god, using Tiki designed craft fabric. Despite not having any ‘native’ deer or many mamals for that matter, in New Zealand.  However Red deer where  introduced into New Zealand, and I can’t see Tane having to much of an issue with them as they are a great source of food for some, and as far as introduced specises go one of the less destructive ones.  it also speaks to those of use who were born here in New Zealand with British Ancestors.  so i see it as honouring both peoples.

Tane and Hine Wall Hangings 005

Mahuika i depicted as a Goddess, using a fiery  red traditional Maori Design print fabric.  there are not a lot of Goddess with in the Maori Pantheon, and I am not sure if this is because of European influence when writing down such information or because some of the understanding of deity and gender was lost in translation, when the information was recorded. but Mahuika is often spoken about as a Grandmother, or Aunty, both of whom are respected women.  Mahuika is the Woman, who gave Maui Fire, but Maui being a bit of a trickster demi god of course got his cheeky self into trouble, but did manage to bring the secret of fire back to the people.  

Tane and Hine Wall Hangings 015




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