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Polly Lind is a Fabric Artist who lives in Wellington New Zealand.  She creates modern tapestries, banners, and wall hangings inspired by magic, mythology and ancient cultures from around the world.

Polly currently has several themed collections, from Maori and Norse Deities to folkloreish Hedgewitch designs.  And she has a long list of ideas and themes that she wishes to create.

Polly has a degree with honours in Religious Studies from Victoria University, focusing on Modern Paganism in all of its many forms.

After learning to sew from her mother, she has been creating beauty from fabric for most of her life. Her hangings have become popular amongst pagans and spiritual people who want to bring magic into their homes.

Her artwork has been sold in New Zealand, Canada, England, Wales, Australia, and America

Polly also confesses that writing  the third person is weird but somehow easier when writing the about page of a website.