Gods and Goddess

The God and Goddess or Lord and Lady

These God and Goddess designs were the first type that I created.  I wanted to create something that was simple and elegant, while also being bold and, of course, sacred.  Within the modern Pagan movement the Goddess and God archetypal  figures, who are sacred and well known.  The full bodied Goddess with her hands raised in prayer and or offering is a common image not just in Modern Paganism and Goddess Spirituality but can also be found in ancient artworks.   The Goddess represents the divine feminine,womens mysteries, and all women.


The Horned Lord, counterpart to the Divine feminine.  He represents the masculine and male energy.   Images of Gods with stag horns are, like the Goddess, are both an old and modern image.  I wanted to create a matching Horned God figure that was modern, but still had the feeling of ancient cultures and spirituality.

Gods and Goddess are an ongoing design aesthetic,  and so far i have three distinct styles, they are Norse Deities, Celtic Deities and Historic Gods.