Hedgewitch and Elemental Designs

 Hedgewitch Designs

These designs are influenced by Hedgewitchery, Kitchen Witchcraft, Garden Magic, Folklore, Spirit Work, Magic and Traditional Witchcraft.  They are created to invoke a sense of the sacred and magic.  They are doorways that stand betwixt and between to invite the deep magic of the spirits and the spirit world.

If you wish for a customised Hedgewitch or devotional design you can find out more information here Custom Work

These are about 30cm wide and 80-90cm long (1 x 3 feet)



Elemental Tapestries

This design is based on the three druid elements, earth sea and sky along with the more traditional four elements.

These are created to invoke the feeling of the sacred that is found when you stand between the earth sea and sky, or the sacred space within a circle of earth, air, fire and water.

I am also happy to create custom ones of this design, with four or three elements or animals like in the Hedgewitch designs.  For more information about getting a custom Hedgewitch or Elemental Tapestry please go to the custom designs page.





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