Podcasts its the new Black, .. .. . Again!

i have been meaning to post this for some time.. so i figure in lew of content, or untill i manage to get the photos of my camera <– long story, and uploaded from Druid Lughnasah Camp from last weekend, with accompanying post.. you can have this instead.. enjoy!

Now for those who are about now going Podcasts, what is this Podcasts that this person is talking about i will explain.  Podcasts, are kinda like radio shows, that are hosted by, in this case Pagans, who talk in various topics, and play music.  Each Podcast has a somewhat different theme, and they are free to down load.  Although having said that i have made a habit of paying $1 each for the podcasts that i really enjoy, generally paying around $20 per year (when i have the funds.)

these podcasts are all available on Itunes, so they are easy to down load and upload on to your ipod or itouch or iphone.  They are also available to down load from the sites that i have linked, so if you don’t have a iappletoy, then you can pay them on different media player.

As a general rule most pagan podcasts have a blog or site that goes with the podcasts, where they put something called shownotes, where you can go and find the various links that they have been talking about, some music, some links to the people that they have interviewed, etc etc.

Clear as mud?  Right then on with the annotated list of Podcasts that i listen to and really like!

hosted by Damh the Bard

Website: http://www.druidcast.libsyn.com/

blog: http://damh.wordpress.com/

Frequency: Monthy

Damh is a OBOD druid, and holds the title of Pendragon of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. this has to be the podcast that pretty much got me hooked.  Damh dose a combination of good Pagan music and interviews.  He interviews people such as Ronald Hutton,(he is just lovely to listen to, such a nice speaking voice) and Pamela from the Woolshed (one of the earlier podcasts).  There are also recording from various Moots, Assemblies, Camps that are run by the OBODs.  These recording are from their music and entertainment evenings called Eisteddfod, i believe, which are awesome to listen to the Liv Torc the poet is just fabulous.

over all this podcast has some wonderful music, and the interviews provide some fabulous food for thought, about paganism in its various forms, as well as the strong spiritual aspects of it.

Standing Stone and Garden Gate:
the podcast for thinking pagans and working witches

Hosted by: Juniper and Brendan

Website: http://stonegatepodshow.net/

Frequency: Monthly

This one i wrote a review for on my blog if any of you are interested.  http://pombagiraspolly.blogspot.com/2010/03/podcasts-new-black.html but for those who are not, then here is a little bit about this podcast.  Juniper and Bren are Canadian, so wonderful accents, and this podcast is also a combination of interviews, music, and various themed and thoughtful slots about various aspects of the pagan community and pagan spirituality.  This is defiantly a podcast with great food for thought.  Brendan is a philosopher, who has written some excellent books, the more well known being called “the other side of virtue”  you can find out about them on their website.  Juni is a HedgeWitch, who runs a website, has a blog full of wonderful articles and is very much a practising Witch.

These podcasts are quite long usually about 1.5 hours or so, but well worth the listen.  And the good thing about podcasts is that you can pause them when needed.

This podcast is full of excellent food for thought, and intelligent discussion, as well as fun and friendly chatter that make you feel like you are sitting in their lounge frowning at the squeaky chair right along with them.  One of my favourite podcasts ever..

Borealis Meditation

Hosted by: Kathleen

Website: http://borealismeditation.podbean.com/

Blogg: http://borealismeditation.blogspot.com/

Frequency: montlyish

Now this is a podcast for pagans teaching them about geology, do i really need to say any more.. yay geology *is enthusiastic*.. Kathleen lives in Alaska, and is doing her PhD in geology, and really loves her topic, this shines through on this pocast, as well as her passion for geology and all things rocky.  If you are looking for information on what pretty shiny crystal does magickally then you are in teh wrong place, this podcast is dedicated to teaching pagans about the earth they live on, and goes deeper than just this rock is good for love, but more this rock comes from this family of rocks, quarts, and its colour comes from the impurities in it when it was formed, which make it this colour.. etc etc.  For some of the podcasts there are links on her site to download slide-shows, that you can watch as you listen.  My suggestion is to have a pen and notebook handy as you will want to take notes.  This is studying rocks, and geology, put into a language that is understandable and accessible.. wheee.. i just love it.

Media Astra Ac Terra

Host: Oraia the Sphinx

Webstie: http://sphinx.libsyn.com/

Blog: http://sphinxwords.wordpress.com/

This awesome pocast has several different segments, one on Astra which is about astrology and astronomy so not only are you learning about the zodiac, but also deep-star objects, and various types of stars and planets that inhabit out solar system.  Another segments is the Terra one, which is as you may of guessed about the earth, and minerals contained within, gemstones and their magical usages.. as well as their structure etc etc.  Then there is general a main topic of the show.  I like this format and there is always some excellent food for thought, which is one of my favourite things about these podcasts.  Food for thought.  Yay.

Pennines in the Well


Website: http://penniesinthewell.podbean.com/

Blogg: http://abysmalwitch.wordpress.com/

This is another of my favourite pocasts, as it has fantastic food for thought, and is a rambley discussion on the topic at hand with good magical leanings to it.  Satrun is a Canadian Witch, and has been practising for 20 years, thus she knows her stuff and i really enjoy the different perspectives, and twists and turns that is pennies in the well.  Also being Canadian and all love the accent.. mmm.. so the style might not appeal to everyone but i believe that it is well worth downloading and listening to.

New World Witchery: the search for American Traditional Witchcraft

Hosts: Cory & Lane

Website: http://newworldwitchery.wordpress.com/

Frequency: Monthly sometimes more

These two hosts are looking for American Traditional Witchcraft, Cory is a  rootworker, and Lane wiccan, both lay no claim to expertise, but they are both lovely people, with southern American accents,  and boy do they research.  The blog that i have linked also has various articles about hoodoo, rootwork and of course American folklore.  This is a pretty good podcast for those that are interested in American Witchcraft, folklore, rootwork, hoodoo and other similar things.  There beliefs and practices are quite different from that of mine, which is for me what makes for good food for thought.

Elemental Castings

Host: T Thorn Coyle

Website: http://www.thorncoyle.com/podcasts.html

Blog: http://www.thorncoyle.com/musings/

Thorn is the author of Evolutionary Witchcraft and Kissing The Limitless, and is from the Feri Tradition, an American tradition that was started by Victor and Cora Anderson.  This podcast takes a tour through the five sacred elements, earth, air, fire, water, and spirit, with each podcast using one of the elements as a theme.  These pocasts usually consist of interviews with various magical people and pagans and Thorn.  These are lovely conversations, with much food for thought and a range of traditions, topics and styles.

Right, that should give you a bunch to start from, often the various podcast sites have links to other podcasts, that you can also down load.  Of course you mileage may vary as to whether or not you like the ones i have listed, as i have listed my favourite ones.