Talking to Myself

Druid Camp 082

Today here in New Zealand it is Lughnasadh, the first of the harvest festivals, first fruits, and I attended a ritual and lunch at a couple of my magical friend’s house.  During the ritual a passage from a book was read out, and one thing struck me as quite profound.

If you talked to your friends the way that you talk to your self would they still want to be friends?  So often we are harsher on ourselves that we actually need to be.  This gave me pause, as currently I am going through a bit of a crisis of faith, if you will, trying to redefine my path, my magic and with it the direction that I am going in.  I mentioned to a friend the other day that the deeper you go down this path of spirituality, whatever flavour it is ,  the harder your crisis’s of faith are, because I am quite sure that everyone has these crisis’s of faiths…

So now I am wondering, what advice I would give myself.  If I I came up to myself and asked for advice, asked why be a witch? What does it all mean? Why is that important? and how do I find where I am going?

My first instinct would be to turn the questions around, why do you want to be a Witch? What does it mean to you? What would make it Important to you, and Where do you want to go.  Which would probably have me arguing with myself, cause those are very difficult questions to answer, but they are however questions that need answering.

So this evening of Lughnasadh I will be contemplating more about what I would tell myself.  Given that I know myself pretty well.. I am guessing a conversation would ensue which would consist of many cups of tea.  So this evening I am going to go on a journey, and have cups of tea with myself.

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What is Magic again?

Magic is not always what you think it is, neither is practice.   Oft times it is that inclining of something, and flash of understanding followed by shifting of understanding, and growth has begun.  This can happen while your boss is telling you about the next task you are to do at work, it can happened during your commute to work, or it can happen when you spend an afternoon at a friend’s house and another friend asks you how you have been and genuinely wants an answer.

It happens when you don’t want to face a thing, but have been in many ways forced to, and that brings you to tears stilling alone in your room typing up your next blog post or at least trying to.  It can happened in a blink of an eye and leave you floored for days, days which start off difficult but get easier as the understanding, comprehension, shifting, healing and growth happen.

None of which looks even remotely magical, ceremonial, spells, rituals, occult or otherwise.  It looks like normal everyday life, which is often chaoitic, messy, hard, rewarding, shitty, fun, devastating, and fun all in one day and sometimes all in one moment.

The magic is their when it happens, when the inkling starts, it is their as understanding grows, magic is often action, and not so often reaction, and it is their when you enter into a dance with it… it is the dance and it is there when the dance is done

And oft times Magic is something that is not seen as Magic, instead it is seen as life’s dramas playing out.

Magic doesn’t always look like what you think it will…