Home They Say, Is Where The Heart Is

October 072

So I had a half written post about using magic, specifically a magic spell to find a home, using a combination of Kiwiana, and perhaps other more ‘traditional’ magical stuff, but I stalled and have only written about one object, the 21st Key Mirror, a Kiwiana staple for 21st gifts, generally given to you by your family.  It has strong significance of love, family and independence, which is for most of us, what we are looking for when finding a new home, rather than just a place to live.  I was also going to include things like tiki’s, and teapots, but in actually that was nothing like what I actually did.

What I did looked nothing like the spells in books or described in blogs, I did not wait for the waning/waxing dark moon, or other significant timing, I did not purchase a Mirror Key or make one myself, in fact I didn’t really use any of the Kiwiana objects that I had been contemplating.  I also didn’t set up an altar, with the correct red blue orange candles, and matching altar cloths, even though I do love my altars, and have quite the collection of wonderful altar cloths,   I didn’t’t call on any specific deities who help with such things…  What I ended up doing looked nothing like ‘magic’ spell work, that you read about so often in those instructional spell books, actually what I did I have never really found in any book or blogs.  What I did looked like me walking into town one morning.

I took the day of work for my birthday this year, I haven’t had much time off, over the last year, so I decided to take two days of for my birthday, Thursday and Friday whoot.   So when I woke up that morning, I didn’t actually know that I was going to be working and act of magic for finding a house, but for me this is generally how it happens.  When I need something or if something needs doing, I just do it, I don’t wait for the right time or day or moon cycle.  Instead I get an urge, message, prod, err a thing, which is actually difficult to describe, not just because it is often different, while also the same, or how else would I know, but because this is always difficult to put into words, as it is not until after I have acted that I generally understand what I did and how it all worked.   Anyway when this thing *waves hands* happens I know that it is time to work, and so, I do.  On my birthday morning I didn’t know that I would be doing this working, I had not even told my flatmates that I would be moving out soon, at that stage..  I think by the end of the day I did, tell my flatmates that I was planning on moving out.
After several cups of tea, morning showers, and a present of a Firefly DVD I was of out the house and walking down the path into town.  I have walked to work or caught train and or buses for most of my working life, and use this time to contemplate things. For me this commute is like between times, between my time and work time, and I am either going to or coming home from, so it is transitory in nature to.   I am often in a daze, or if you like trance like state, as I contemplate my morning, or think about things I have been reading about, dreams I have had, or I talk with the spirits and ancestors of place.   It is as I have come to realise, a party of my daily practice.  On that day I was actually thinking about how to write a blog post on how to find a house using kiwiana as spell components, but it was all seeming a bit flat, somewhat contrived, sure I could use a mirrored key but would that actually work for me?  Then I happen to look down and on the path in front of me was a small nest that had fallen out of the above tree during the spring wind storm we had been having the previous few days.  Spring for us here in Wellington, New Zealand is often rainy and strong winds as the Winter Southerly and the Warm Spring Northerly vie for airspace, the weather is very changeable and often wet and windy.  I then picked up the little nest and gently tipped out the little bit of bird poop, and carried on down the path.  This had triggered me into a light trance so as I was taking the next few steps I became a lot more aware of my surroundings.  That urge, message, prod, that thing that has no words but translates into ‘time to do work’ had happened, and while now looking back and trying to describe it, I can see when that happened, when it was happening, I probably would not of been able to tell you.  But I do know that from experience if someone disturbs me during this time I am often dazed, and it can take some time to figure out what happened?

After a few steps further down the hill and at the beginning of the stairs, of one of the oldest pathways here in Wellington, I spotted a rusty twist of 8 gauge wire, (No 8 fencing wire) which I also picked up, and no sooner had I done that then I spied a rusty nail, both of which I placed in the same hand that I was carrying the nest, not in the nest but more under it.  As I neared the bottom of the first set of stairs, I glanced down and found a plated length of synthetic hair, someone’s hair extension had fallen out while they walked up or down the path. I picked that up and looked at it in my hands for a while, then carefully, the thoughtfully, placed it around my fingers in of the hand where I carried all the other objects.

I now had a handful of randomly found objects that were becoming more magical the more I focused on them with intent. The intent of finding a home, a place where I felt safe and at home.  Each found object now that I think about it has significance of its own, they all have meaning, a nest that feels safe that is protected by iron, a place where I feel at home and can let my metaphorical hair down, you get the picture right?  These objects where not planned, but because I was aware of my surroundings I could recognise the objects that would be needed.

However I didn’t want to take these objects to the place I was moving out of, as that would set the intention wrong, plus I was on my way to purchase a new sewing machine, so I ended up popping in at the place where I work, with a handful of strange objects, and placing them in a box, much to the amusement of my work colleges.  As the weeks passed I added to this box of strange objects.  I found the shell of a blue egg, that was no longer in use and added it, I also kept the kettle my mother gave me for my birthday for my new home, and the pink salt lamp, that I had brought with my new home I mind, and occasionally when I was staying late at work I would take the nest out of the box and sit it next to the lamp.

And then when the time was right, after one false start, I went and looked at a place, and it is home.



Book of Shadows, Apparently I Have One

 little red book of doom

This is my Book of Shadows, except I call it The Little Red Book of Doom.  It is nothing like the Book of Shadows that you see on the TV, and written about in many Wicca 101 books.  It doesn’t have fancy boarders, with exotic looking script.  Nor is it just spells, workings, rituals or rites. Instead it is full of my writing, well this one is,  most of it is somewhat magically themed, but a bunch of it is not.

It contains thoughts, drawings of wall hangings and trance pillows, spelling mistakes, shopping lists, and appointments for job interviews, as well as questions that I wanted to ask during said job interviews.  There are doodles, clothing designs, phone numbers, emails and to do lists.  It’s a little like a diary and not all at the same time.  It is a mix of mundane and magical, but then, so is life no?


The Little Red Book of Doom lives in my bag along with a few pens and a mechanical pencil.  I carry it with me everywhere I go.  I have had similar books for years, sometimes they started off with drawings, doodles really of things I wanted to make, things I was thinking about and other random type stuff.  This last year’s one has more writing in it as I wanted to become comfortable with the idea that I could actually write.

This cover, of the now Little Red Book of Doom, I picked up in Canada so it is a little difficult to find new lined books that fit inside but I have managed ok.

And it has only been this year that I have realise that all of these books that I have filled over the years with drawings, todo lists, magical thoughts, book reviews, job interviews and shopping lists is actually for me a Book of Shadows.  But then sometime I am a little slow on the uptake.

I am sure that some people are able to keep a book of Shadows like you see on the TV  and that are written about in the Pagan 101 books, but I am not that person, and I am coming to realise that and in so many ways.  So often what I have read in books is vastly different from how I practice, but then it is the same to.  It’s all a matter of perspective.


So do you have a collection of various diaries, and journal type books that you have used over the years?

What is Magic again?

Magic is not always what you think it is, neither is practice.   Oft times it is that inclining of something, and flash of understanding followed by shifting of understanding, and growth has begun.  This can happen while your boss is telling you about the next task you are to do at work, it can happened during your commute to work, or it can happen when you spend an afternoon at a friend’s house and another friend asks you how you have been and genuinely wants an answer.

It happens when you don’t want to face a thing, but have been in many ways forced to, and that brings you to tears stilling alone in your room typing up your next blog post or at least trying to.  It can happened in a blink of an eye and leave you floored for days, days which start off difficult but get easier as the understanding, comprehension, shifting, healing and growth happen.

None of which looks even remotely magical, ceremonial, spells, rituals, occult or otherwise.  It looks like normal everyday life, which is often chaoitic, messy, hard, rewarding, shitty, fun, devastating, and fun all in one day and sometimes all in one moment.

The magic is their when it happens, when the inkling starts, it is their as understanding grows, magic is often action, and not so often reaction, and it is their when you enter into a dance with it… it is the dance and it is there when the dance is done

And oft times Magic is something that is not seen as Magic, instead it is seen as life’s dramas playing out.

Magic doesn’t always look like what you think it will…


Sewing Sacred Wall Hangings

Recently I have gone back to sewing wall hangings, inspired by Sara Lawless from Forest Grove and her wonderful Sacred Textile Talismans.  It was the triangle shape of the hexes, to keep away evil and bring blessings into your house that caught my eye.

The first sacred wall hanging I made was Druidry inspired.  I call it Earth, Sea and Sky: A Very Druid Wall Hanging, which is now sold to a wonderful Canadian who live in Australia who I meet in Canada. I so love Canadian Pagans and they are all mine, just so you know.

You can find the rest of the Sacred Wall Hangings that I have made on the Urban Witchery page.

Earth, Sea and Sky; A Very Druid Wall Hanging

the Second Desing I call Snake, Toad and Crow; The Hedgewitches Wall Hanging, this one has also sold and found a home here in Wellington. This Wall Hanging was inspired by the wonderful work of Ms Stitchwitch from Stitchwitch Cottage.  I love the fabric artwork from this lady ♥

The third Wall Hanging also sold.  Its called Triple Moon Elemental Wall Hanging and the triple moon is in the Southern Hemisphere setting with the crescent moons facing inwards.

Triple Moon Goddess Wall Hanging is the last one for today and is also looking for a new home.

This time as I make and Design this series of Sacred Wall Hangings I find myself falling into the same trance space I go into when creating and making incense.  It is a place of magical creations, a place of between the worlds, and that place, I am finding, is also a place of service.

If you wish to see the rest of what I have created you can see them here   and those that have not yet sold will be up on my Etsy Store Urban Witchery

Grave Yards on a Blue Moon

Today was about spending time with Witchy friends and the dead

This is the New Zealand Fantail (Pīwakawaka) who is delivers the messages from the spirit world

We were escorted through the Cemetary by this hansom fellow

Apparently some don’t die so much as fall asleep

Yes that really is a Pentagram on that headstone.  The one next to it also had one, makes you wonder no?

Taken at the Cross Roads