Custom Work

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Custom Devotional Hanging

Polly’s custom work prices start at $250 (NZD). Some examples of custom work pricing:

  • Small custom piece, such as a smaller goddess image, custom colors and additions are $40 on top of the regular price.
  • Variation on a Hedgewitch or Norse God already designed, such as a different colours or different animals: $250 – $400, depending on complexity.
  • New hanging with a specific God or Goddess not featured in a previous design: $250 – $400
  • Large custom unique design (larger than standard medium hanging) $400.00 upwards
  • Tabards Start at $250.00 and $290 for a hooded one

Fetches and Faeries and Poppets are not currently available for custom orders.  instead I will be createing these once or twice a year and once they are finished they will be put up for sale my etsy and a notice will be placed on my FB artists page.  Polly Lind Artist

All prices are in New Zealand Dollars. If you are from the USA, Canada, or Australia, you can use to convert to your currency and see how much this will cost.

The best way would be to contact me on so we can discus what you want.